The benefits to OSIsoft PI Asset Framework users

The potential pitfalls of using the PI Asset Framework

-Template features of AF not fully used to build the model (futurely needed to query on metamodel)
-Any single IT project may make its own AF tree to deliver any use case
-Several inconsistent AF databases may appear in the IT system
-Costly to modify the AF structure
-The use of automatic connectors may import a structure that is not suitable with the functional AF structure needed by the use cases
-Need to make development for each complex search and what about performance ?
-Any other limitation you've been experiencing and we did not mention here ?
-Would it be possible to do this another way ?

A different way to address the Smart Data brings need to

-Govern the data model by the business use cases
-Associate with the business and the IT to build the model
-Have the business to be comitted to the model and validation also
-Have the PI Asset Framework model and content to smoothly expand as the functional perimeter grows with new uses cases
-Query on both the model and content (example extract all electricity tags on water pumps) so to address the use cases

IngeniBridge brings that all for you

-Modeling is the first driver
-Modeling is driven by the business and the use cases
-Data staging will be scripted to reconciliate the data whererever it is stored in the IT system
-Multidimensional and instant query is automatically provided
-Query semantics are automatically self-aligned against your model
-The REST services self-reconfigure automatically and the results keep consistent whatever model expansion

The PI Asset Framework made easy

-The element templates are automatically feeded including inheritance and attributes
-The enumeration sets are automatically feeded
-The reference types are automatically feeded
-The tables definition and content are automatically feeded
-The full AF tree content is automatically feeded
-The Asset Framework is just ready to be connected to all the suite of tools provided by OSIsoft

The success keys

-The business, the business and only the business
-Governing your PI Asset Framework construction by the business
-The global functional coherence is kept under control by the business
-The PI Asset Framework is constantly aligned against the business and the use cases