IngeniBridge Database Initialization

Identifying the asset information in your enterprise

The first step prior to initializing the functional contextualization is to find the information corresponding to the types of assets previously modelized.

What's more, the characteristics of the TSDB time series should also be available so to bring this information in the IngeniBridge server.

Scripting the database initialization

Scripting the initialization is a matter of manipulating the modelized objects and link them as in a tree. Please see this simple example that also makes an access to an Excel worksheet to read its contents.

The scripting will ultimately generate the actual IngeniBridge database as a IBDB file.

Staging the database on the IngeniBridge server

The last step is to upload the database. The IngeniBridge server has an option to do that, see the option here.

Next the database should be mounted then brought online.

Several database versions can be mounted simultanously.